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The petroleum industry is a very vital economical factor for any country around the world. The Industry is explored to the
very extent and provides a huge potential for manpower. With the whole process becoming scientific and logical,
This industry requires manpower which is capable, knowledgeable and experienced. That is where the role of
IWCF & IADC comes. With a valid IWCF & IADC certificate a candidate can be easily recognized as a capable employee.

VWCS provides certified IWCF & IADC training with best in class training, easy understandable course modules and very
interactive lectures. Our instructors are highly experienced and qualified to deliver quality training sessions. Our fees are also
very competitive and top service is guaranteed. VWCS provides up-to-date theoretical knowledge as well as real time
scenarios explained by highly experienced trainers.

Our Directors

Mr. R.D Vyas
(AMIE-Mechanical Engg)
Mr. D.K Dhar
(B.Tech-Petroleum Engg)
Mr. Nishant Vyas
(Master in Finance, MBA)
Director Finance & Audit
Mr. Ashutosh Dhar
(B.Tech-IT, MBA)
Director Information & Technology